As a kid, I loved to draw and write stories. I still do. It’s hard to believe that at one time I had a vague idea to write about a “class artist” and now I’m holding it in my hands. Everything starts with an idea before it becomes reality. I’m so happy that now I can share my story with other “class artists” out there. Do you know any? Empower these talented kids with a story about a young artist who learns to set boundaries with her peers.

– Michelle Sherman

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Sarah, 8, loves to draw.

When Mrs. Earl catches her drawing a picture in math class, the entire Second Grade discovers her talent. Soon her classmates begin to ask her to draw pictures for them (strange ones, like porcupines driving race cars and unicorns with wings).

Then, everyone in the whole school bombards her with requests for drawings, until it becomes too terribly overwhelming! Reacting from the mounting pressure, her hand mysteriously stops working. Can Sarah set boundaries with her classmates, and create art that comes from her own heart?

If you know any talented little artists, empower them with this story.

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School Arts Magazine Book Review in the May/June 2014 issue

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